In The VIP On Fire

Another fresh week and time to check out another in the vip scene. And by now you know what to expect when you come around this place. You always get to see wild ladies getting to party hard and fuck even harder and toady’s scene is no different either. A few weeks ago there was a group of hot ladies engaging in some lesbian action and since it was very very well received we have a proper one to show off today. Well let’s sit back and relax as we’ll be seeing some party gals inthevip today all by themselves and they sure know how to make a boring party more lively…even if it was just the five of them there for the evening.


They were all wearing sexy and beautiful dresses with sensual and sexy lingerie underneath too. To start off, you can watch them showing off those dreamy bodies by revealing their tits and dropping their panties for you and the cameras. And then you can see two of them going at it with one babe eating the other’s pussy to start things off. And from there, the whole fuck fest ensued. See this group of hot and sexy babes taking their time to fuck one another all over the place while they talk dirty to one another an they finger each other’s lovely pink pussies too. Great show and do remember to check out the previous scenes for more superb galleries!

Watch here these lesbians pleasing one another!